PennyProfit Has
Changed Lives!

Brooke A.

“I have saved nearly $2,000 using PennyProfit in less than a year. How is that even possible? I love this platform!”

Janet H.

“Living on a fixed income, I didn’t think I had the means to save any extra money. I decided to try out PennyProfit for the free month, and then I forgot about it for several months. I broke my cell phone recently and it was going to cost $150 for a new one. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the new phone. My grandson reminded me to check my PennyProfit account. When I logged in, I had almost the exact $150 I needed sitting in my Wallet! I couldn’t believe it. Needless to say, PennyProfit was

Lauren S.

“Each month I have been able to withdraw some money from my PennyProfit account and have a girl’s night. It’s so nice to have this extra money that seems to appear like magic. I know it’s my money, but it doesn’t feel like it. A little bit saved at a time really can add up!”

Alex H.

“I’ve been keeping spare change in a tin can at home ever since I can remember. I usually cashed it in once or twice a year. Unfortunately, I rarely use cash anymore so I haven’t been able to save as much as I used to. PennyProfit has allowed me to continue saving my spare change whether I use cash or not. Plus, I now have multiple Jars that fill up at the same time instead of just the one! PennyProfit provided a service I didn’t even know I wanted, and it’s simpler than I could have ever imagined!”

Cole S.

“I originally signed up for PennyProfit as a way to help out a good friend of mine. I decided to create 2 Jars just for the fun of it and to see how it would go. After only a few months, not only do I nearly have enough for Christmas in one Jar, but I have enough to pay for our family reunion this summer as well! Who would’ve thought that such a simple concept could be so impactful?”

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