The 52 Week Money Challenge

What would you do with an extra $4000 each year?

You can find out when you take the 52 Week Money Challenge!

Different variants of this challenge have been going around the internet for a few years now.

The basic concept is you start off by saving $1, and you double that each week.


Week 1 you save $1, Week 2 you save $2, Week 3 you save $3.

By this point, your bank account balance is at $6.

You keep doubling your amount saved each week, and by the end of the year you will have saved a total of $1,378! Which is amazing!

At PennyProfit, we decided to take the challenge up a notch and save $3 weekly. Why? Because the best things come in 3s.

  • The 3 Stooges
  • 3 Piece Suits
  • The Hanson Brothers (90’s ladies, back me up on this one!)
  • Harry, Hermione, Ron
  • The Jonas Brothers (I mean, they’re objectively not as great as The Hanson Brothers, but I guess we’ll give a shoutout for the 2000’s crowd…)
  • Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
  • Indiana Jones Movies (Don’t try to tell me that The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was real. It was all a collective nightmare and everything is fine.)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors 

The point is, lots of great things come in 3s, AND you will save more money by the end of the year! It’s a win, win…win! 3 wins for $3!

Now, how does this shake out come end of the year? That’s right, you are $4,134 richer on December 31stthan you were on January 1st. Neat, huh? Use our cheat sheet below to keep on track and don’t forget to tell us how the challenge went!