Reddit’s Best Tips To Save a Little Extra Money

Reddit is a goldmine for amazing memes, cat photos, and hilarious antics, but did you know it can also be useful in helping you spend you spend your money a little more wisely? We scoured subreddits like r/personalfinance, r/frugal, and r/askreddit to bring you the 30 best money-saving tips on the site!

  1. Shop clearance foods (Near expiration date/misshaped produce or packaging)
  2. Never buy a new car
  3. Search thrift stores for things like clothes, dishes, furniture, etc
  4. Track your expenses
  5. Do price comparisons and ask stores to price match when their cost is higher
  6. Home-cook meals and pack lunches
  7. Buy in cash
  8. Fix items before replacing
  9. Avoid impulse buying, anything over $20 you have to want it for a week or more
  10. Couponing (can be physical coupons or app-based)
  11. Buy the store-brand when grocery shopping
  12. Visit farmer’s markets, especially near closing, for potential bargains
  13. Pay off your debts early
  14. Go to the dollar theater
  15. Work out regularly to save on health costs long-term
  16. Give yourself a monthly spending budget
  17. Make your own coffee
  18. Pay off credit cards each month
  19. Don’t try and “keep up with the Joneses”
  20. Grow your own vegetables and herbs
  21. Only drink water
  22. Use streaming services like Hulu or Netflix rather than cable
  23. If you smoke cigarettes, quit smoking
  24. Cut your own hair/your children’s hair
  25. Learn to cook
  26. Keep loose change in a jar/use an app like PennyProfitto save your digital spare change
  27. Find cheap hobbies like hiking, walking, listening to music, etc
  28. Don’t buy brand name clothing
  29. Cancel subscriptions you no longer use
  30. Attend cheaper, city gyms or exercise at home