PennyProfit User Of The Month November 2020: Alex H.

It’s November and the holidays are coming soon which means good cheer, hot cocoa, cuddles, and presents. For many, the holidays are both joyful and stressful because while you have a ton of fun, you often have a ton of obligations and expenses as well. For many, purchasing gifts and food for the holidays can be quite a stressful point if they did not prepare throughout the year for additional expenses come November and December. This is where our user of the month for November, Alex H., is so genius in my book.

Last year, Alex realized that if he created a Holiday Jar in January then by the time the season rolled around, he would have already saved the cash he needed to without even thinking about it! He created his Holiday Jar and allocated 20% of his round-ups to it and left it alone. Didn’t think about it or worry at all. Well, holiday shopping season came and Alex opened his account to find he had $432 in savings, more than enough to pay for nice gifts for his friends and family!

I think this is such a brilliant idea because it’s saving passively throughout the year rather than having to scramble for cash at the last minute. Since the round-ups were just occurring off his regular spending, Alex said it took a huge burden off his shoulders come November because it didn’t feel hard to save that money. In years past, the holidays had been a stressful experience but now it could be a fun, already paid for one instead!

Make sure to set up a Holiday Jar for 2021 this January so you too can have shopping already paid for! And be sure to let us know how it improves your stress levels throughout the season to be featured as a PennyProfit User Of The Month.