PennyProfit User Of The Month March 2021: Daniel D.

Who doesn’t love a good mouthwatering burger? But burgers are way more fun with friends, right? That’s what our PennyProfit User Of The Month Daniel D. sure thinks! Read on to learn all about Daniel’s experience using PennyProfit and the delectable burgers in his future.

When Daniel first heard about PennyProfit he thought the concept was super neat! He is old school and has always had coin jars around his house for various things. One year he’d be saving for Hawaii, the next he’d be buying a snowmobile, and so on. When Daniel began to go largely digital with his transactions he noticed a longing for physical cash. He didn’t realize how much he liked saving his spare change because it felt like the money wasn’t even real and just came from nowhere rather than his own pocket.

In addition to whatever big goal Daniel had with his spare change, he always had a “Burger Night” Jar on his kitchen counter. This jar was savings for his monthly dinner with friends. Sometimes they’d go out to eat, sometimes they’d grab a pizza for movie night, and other times it was snacks and beer for poker night. Whatever the case may be, the guy’s night Jar was a staple in Daniel’s life that fell by the wayside when he didn’t have enough spare change to fill it.

After Daniel discovered PennyProfit he was so excited because Burger Night could live on once more! He and his friends had still continued their monthly tradition but Daniel missed feeling like he wasn’t actually paying for it with his own money. The very first thing Daniel did when he set up his PennyProfit account was create a Burger Night Jar. He slapped on a photo of a cartoony burger and grinned.

Have you had a similar experience? What’s your “burger night” you continue to celebrate with PennyProfit?

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