PennyProfit User of the Month January 2021: Lauren S

It’s the first full week of 2021 which means we have a new PennyProfit User of the Month for January! This month we’re featuring Lauren S.

If there is one thing Lauren’s friends know about her it’s that she is the ultimate event planner! If you’re lucky enough to be in her circle you can plan on attending awesome events like casino nights, epic game battles, cooking classes, and DIY paint nights. Lauren absolutely loves throwing together girl’s nights with her pals.

Before using PennyProfit, Lauren loved hosting events, however, she did have a slight problem with her friends not chipping in for costs. She’d ask people to send her $10 or $20 to help pay their costs for the parties, but outside of a few close friends nobody would really contribute. Lauren would always pay for events out of her own pocket because she loves hosting so much.

When she joined PennyProfit, Lauren was so thrilled to hear about how you could create and share Jars with people. She immediately set a Girl’s Night Jar and invited all her girlfriends . They all set a split percentage and keep the jar active throughout the year. Now, rather than tracking down her friends for payment and feeling like the bookie after casino night, Lauren just pulls the necessary money out of the Jar each month to host the events she puts on. It’s a win-win for everyone because Lauren doesn’t have to pay for everything and her friends don’t even really notice they’re contributing. In fact, one of them told her, “I know it’s my money, but it doesn’t feel like it!” How awesome is that?

If you’re the organizer of your friend group and love hosting, setting up a mutual Jar between your friends like Lauren has can be a really great way to have everyone contribute and not feel stressed about costs! Whether you’re going out for a group dinner or hosting a competitive Mario Kart championship, PennyProfit is there to help you get paid!

Have you used PennyProfit to set up shared Jars for events like this? Let us know in the comments and you too can be a PennyProfit User of the Month!