PennyProfit User Of The Month: Gray P.

Imagine you and your spouse dining together at a 5 star restaurant. You order sizzling steaks, delicious hard cheeses whose names you can’t even pronounce, perfectly tart red wine, and a rich, delectable slice of chocolate cheesecake to wash it all down. Sounds wonderful, right? Now imagine this $200 meal got paid for by somebody else. Even better, right? Well, that’s sort of what happened to our PennyProfit User Of The Month for September, Gray P.

Gray and his wife had been wanting to go to this new restaurant downtown but had never felt like they could justify it. Although they are careful with their finances and could drop money on a night out, it always felt wasteful to them. They felt guilty spending that much money on one night, regardless of the experiential benefit, fond memories, and joy it would bring to them.

When Gray heard about PennyProfit, he was intrigued by the idea of saving excess spare change over time. Wanting to surprise his wife for their upcoming anniversary, Gray set up a PennyProfit account without telling her. Although, in hindsight, he wishes he had told her because they would have far surpassed their goal if she had one as well! After setting up his account, Gray created an Anniversary Jar and then did absolutely nothing. He lived his life, spent as usual, and didn’t even think about his anniversary or savings.

In true male fashion, Gray sort of forgot about their anniversary until a few days before. Luckily, he was able to get a last-minute reservation, and when he opened his PennyProfit account, Gray was shocked to find that he had over $300 in his anniversary jar in just a few months! He told us it felt like somebody had just handed him money to treat himself, rather than it coming from his own accounts. This was absolutely amazing to him because nothing felt different in his life. He wasn’t stressing about paying for the dinner, or wondering if they really should spend that money on one night, or feeling any guilt whatsoever. Since it was his spare change, Gray was more than overjoyed to treat his wife to an amazing night out at a restaurant they never could have dreamed of before.

We here at PennyProfit were so elated to hear that Gray had such a positive experience. Although we’re a little hurt they didn’t bring us any leftover steak, we’re so happy they had such an amazing night.

If you want to follow in Gray’s lead and treat yourself to a magical night filled with swanky starters and elaborate entrees, then be sure to get started today! And don’t forget to tell us how wonderful your night was so you can be a featured user as well!