PennyProfit User Of The Month December 2020: Cole S.

Cole originally downloaded PennyProfit as a favor to a friend. We needed beta testers and Cole was awesome and willing to help out. He was interested in the concept, however, mainly signed up because he was being a good and supportive friend. Well, a couple months later and his tune has totally changed! Cole now absolutely loves PennyProfit! So much so that he wrote to us wanting to be featured as a user of the month because he has had such a positive experience. Cole has been promoted from awesome friend to PennyProfit User Of The Month for December 2020!

Like many throughout the nation, Cole had the unfortunate experience this year of being laid off during the pandemic. Although this would normally be a highly stressful situation, Cole found solace in the fact that beyond his regular emergency fund in his bank account, he also had a stash in PennyProfit. Cole had been able to save nearly $1,000 in the few short months he had been a user, and he felt confident knowing that he had a backup plan if needed.

Luckily, Cole was able to find a position fairly quickly and didn’t have to dip into his PennyProfit savings too much. Because of his good fortune in finding a job he is able to spend that money where he originally wanted to. He told us, “After only a few months, not only do I nearly have enough for Christmas in one Jar, but I have enough to pay for our family reunion this summer as well!”

This made us so happy to hear! The platform allowed Cole to feel confident in a time of great stress and allows him to be prepared for inevitable expenses in life that are fun and rewarding. We were so grateful to hear about Cole’s positive experience with PennyProfit.

Have you had a similar experience to Cole? Make sure to tell us how PennyProfit has changed your life for the better and you too can be a featured user!