Date Night Jar Ideas

One of my favorite parts about PennyProfit is the ability to save with someone. This has made date night planning with my SO super simple! We set a goal based on the type of date we want to go on, set our splits so we are both contributing, and then watch it grow! Usually we go on cheaper dates in the $5-$25 range and these we can do nearly every week with our current splits! If we want to save up for something a little more expensive then we just wait a few more weeks to go, simple as that.

Since I’ve had such a fun time with this I wanted to make sure everyone had some awesome ideas of fun dates to save for!


· Picnic

o Can be indoor or outdoor depending on the time of year.

· Roller skating or ice skating

· Movie marathon with snacks

o You can watch a classic you already own or rent something new online. Whatever movie you choose just don’t forget the snacks!

· Go Bowling

o The classic date. Up the ante by putting in new moves like one-handed, granny style, backwards, etc, winner buys ice cream!

· Try out a new card game

· Go Swimming

· Go thrifting/garage sale-ing and get a gift for each other

· Taste test at a farmer’s market

· Bake cookies

· Play Iron Chef

o Each of you purchases a “secret ingredient” for the other person that they then have to create an entrée, appetizer, or dessert for using other ingredients in the house. Anybody up for rutabaga pancakes?


· Spa Night

o Splurge on some bubble bath, scented oils, and exfoliating treatments for a calm, relaxing night.

· A romantic dinner at home

o You have enough in your jar to get some fancy ingredients and go all out. A well-marinated salmon and roasted garlic parmesan broccoli, maybe? Yum!

· Go on a beer/wine/food tour

· Go to a local sport’s game

o If you don’t care about the outcome, root for different teams! Whoever is on the losing team buys dinner or drinks after.

· Go to an improv comedy show

· Take a dance class together

· Visit a museum

· Go to a drive-in theater

o Once again, don’t forget the snacks! I cannot emphasize enough how important movie snacks are.

· Go tubing down a river

· Go camping

o Most camp sites charge a small fee to stay overnight, and of course you will want to get some hot dogs and smore making materials to bring with!


· Attend a hot yoga class

· Hit golf balls at a driving range

· Attend a Paint and Wine Night

o It’s even more fun if you’re not artistic! By the end of the night you will feel like Picasso. Abstract is still in, right?

· Get a psychic reading

· Host a bbq

o If you have a group date planned, invite your friend’s to contribute to the Jar as well so you can all split the cost easily. Although, you may want to temporarily rename it from Date Night to BBQ so they know they aren’t just financing your love life!

· Play paintball

· Have an arcade night

o Just don’t kill each other at the air hockey table! That gets COMPETITIVE!

· Visit a carnival

o Pretty sure there was a carnival scene in The Notebook so I think the rules are if you take a date to the carnival then you fall in love forever and ever. Use this one wisely.

These are some dates we have really enjoyed, but I want to hear yours! Comment below letting me know some of your favorite dates and their price points so I can add them to my list.